About Us

Welcome to Sandy Banana Apparel!

Sandy Banana started as an idea in 2015 while four good friends were spending a few days of a much needed vacation on the Gulf shores of Florida. The daily conversation always consisted of the four of us recollecting our days as kids and our childhood trips to beach for summer vacation. As entire families overloaded the cars with some of us kids sitting on the floorboard, and others sitting in the middle between the second and third seats of an old station wagon. Yes, a caravan of up to five car loads of families all headed to the same destination. The grownups would prepare snacks, sandwiches even entire meals for that  much needed picnic at a rest stop or two along the way! We recalled playing on the beach and in the ocean from sun up til sun down. We remembered that family vacations were such a big part of all of our favorite childhood memories. But mostly we remembered those awesome days on the beach with best friends, who also happened to be our cousins, with aunts, uncles, parents and of course, the grandparents, those memories were the absolute BEST! 

The Sandy Banana brand represents our love of the beach and the innocent memories of days gone by, those days we long for and the many hours we spent on those sandy white beaches. We hope you will enjoy our first line of beach inspired t-shirts that feature the original Sandy Banana logo and the signature graphic of our good friend.  

And yes, that is Sandy in the logo!


Tim, Mary, Tonya and of course, Sandy!